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For years Bob Trotta has been a personal shopper, designer, and fashion aid to a variety of leading business and entertainment professionals throughout Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.  He has honed his craft in bringing out the “fashion maven” that lies in each of his clients that ultimately allows them to find the clothes and accessories that meet their worldly expectations.

Successfully dressing business men interacting with more ever pressing western culture and traditions, Bob Trotta Fashion has earned a reputation for “targeted style”. His expert eye and diverse team of fashion artisans know how to target the style that meets the goals and objectives of his clients while respecting their true identities. Seamstresses, tailors, master shoe and leather makers, textile experts, and color stylist help round out the ultimate man-makeover fashion team.

“before i learned to walk my mother taught me how to dress.”
— bob trotta

By taking upstarts, young entrepreneurs, and social lites from around the world and showing them how to combine the clothes that work for them and their aspirations Mr. Trotta has brought hundreds from obscurity into the lime light.
It is by this success that Mr. Trotta embarks in the next phase of his enterprise by inviting individuals from every corner to learn more about his talents.

We hope that you enjoy the web site and we look forward to bringing out the best in you!

bob trotta fashion tailored suits what you need to know

The Tailored Suit: The only apparel worth your weight in gold!

There are many clothes and suits available around the world and some are truly interesting, but only a handmade tailored suit can ever do justice to who you are and what you want to achieve in life. Learn more about tailored suits and discover why your tailor should receive at least half of your daily prayers.

The Tailored Advantage

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Looking for a make-over or just to have a few, “key pieces” added to your wardrobe?

Sign up for Bob Trotta’s Signature Service where he personally will come and meet with you and discuss your needs. Mr.Trotta travels the world and easily fit you into his schedule or he could make swift arrangements to go where you desire. Each consultation is completely private and exclusive.

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Classic and New found Designers: behind the style.

No suit, jacket, or watch could ever exist without the vision and creativity of a designer. Here we try to spotlight some of the best and the one’s that make a difference in our client’s lives.

Quality Designers


Learn first hand what Bob Trotta Fashion can do for you.

Bob Trotta travels the world sharing his knowledge, insights, and tips to looking and feelings your best in today’s fashion for men. See if you cam make his next engagement and learn from an expert.

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Men’s Fashion is a growing market place and there is a style that is perfect for everyone.

Bob Trotta helps you sort through the masses and determine what works best.  Come join him and his collaborators as they highlights clothes, designers, market news, brands, trends, styles, bloggers, and accesories that can change your world.

Men are in general becoming more interested in investing in themselves whether it is a new piece of technology, an item of clothing or a grooming product,”

— Fabrizio Cardinali, Dunhill’s chief executive.


 “If the product is spurious, it will not work, because although men have become used to expanding their wardrobes, they are not stupid,” adding, “focus on the integrity and the usefulness of the goods.”

— Dylan Jones, Editor, GQ UK


I think the world’s attitudes towards masculinity have really progressed. The idea of the proper ‘man’ has gotten looser, less defined, less restricted,”

— Jeremy Lewis, Editor, Garmento

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